Whistler Ski Lift Pass for 2010/11

Do you live in Canada or Washington state?
Did you purchase Edge card or Season pass this season?

If your answers are both yes, you would have already received the renewal deal email for the next season, 2010/11.

Edge card:
– 10 days + 1 free early season day $564 plus GST = $592.20
– 5 days + 1 free early season day $309 plus GST = $324.45
* Include free summer sightseeing day

Season pass:
– $1,099 plus GST = $1,153.95

You have to think about your situation before renewal.
In my case, I purchased 5 days Edge card (+ 1 free day) last spring and added 3-day loading in January. The price was $309 plus GST and $189 plus GST, which means I spent $522.90 in total for 8 days. Which do you think I should choose for next season? (I’ve already renewed, though. :))

So, in your case, what would you like to do?
Don’t forget about the tax change. If you don’t renew now and purchase early bird in November or add more days in January, you have to spend extra 7% for HST.

* The deal expires in Apr 30, 2010.

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