Price comparison – roast & ground coffee (Melitta)

Price comparison for Melitta roast & ground coffee.
Here is pricing list that shows each store’s regular price and the lowest price in the past. Blue color indicates lowest on regular price, and red color indicates lowest on sale price.

[Roast & Ground coffee 300 g]

Store Regular Lowest
For 1 For 1 For 2
London Drugs $4.99 $2.99
Canadian Tire
Shoppers Drug Mart $7.49 $3.99
Safeway $6.29
Canadian Superstore $3.47
IGA $6.29 $4.79
Save-on-Food $5.79
Nesters $5.99 $4.99

# Price is in the greater Vancouver area.
# Some pricing requires the company’s membership card.
# Tax is not included.
# Pricing will be updated as I find the changes.

(Last updated Nov 21, 2010)

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