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Choose by price, or quality?

This is what I mentioned a bit in my About page.

Even if a price is cheaper, if the color of meat or fish isn’t good, or if the smell isn’t right, you don’t want to buy.

I’ve just read this article about best-before date. (Click here.)

I don’t know if this happens only in this company or most of the other companies also do the same thing or not. But what you can do is trust your instinct and use your senses before the purchase, e.g., by looking at color or smelling, or even by your experience by tasting.

Follow not only pricing but also quality.

Laundry Detergent Comparison

I found good articles about laundry detergent.

One is how to compare laundry detergent. (Click here.)

I have sensitive skin, so I should check ingredients before buying, not only laundry detergent but also softener. So far, I just know which one is good or which one isn’t good, from the experience of my body reaction. 😦

The other one is comparison Purex vs Tide. (Click here.)

Yup. Those two are actually my favorite so far. Tide used to be less expensive, but I feel I have to pay double now, as I usually bought them on sale before. So, I tried Purex. The article taught me a lot of new English words as well as knowledge of ingredients. 🙂

Regular Sale Schedule

I added a page for Regular Sale Schedule so that I could know when to check pricing and compare those pricing for the next shopping.

Click “Sale Schedule” tab.