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Weekly special at Superstore (Sept 10-16, 2010)

Shop: Canadian superstore (in greater Vancouver area)
Sale Date: Sept10, Sept11, Sept12, Sept13, Sept14, Sept15, Sept16


– Prime rib steak Canadian AAA grade beef $5.48/lb ($12.08/kg, PC)

– Fresh air chilled chicken $2.00 OFF from the after-tax amount with coupon, Limit one per family (PC)

– Air chilled chicken breast boneless skinless $7.29/lb ($16.07/kg, PC)

– Air chilled whole frying chicken $2.29/lb ($5.05/kg, PC)

– Fresh wild sockeye salmon whole $3.99/lb ($8.80/kg)

– Live Atlantic lobster $9.99/lb ($22.02/kg)


– Fresh Gala apples fancy grade $0.76/lb ($1.68/kg, BC)

– Fresh blue grapes 2 L basket $3.88 each (Canada)

– Fresh iceberg lettuce No. 1 grade $0.87 each (USA)

– Fresh seedless mandarin oranges 5 lb bag $4.98 each (China)

– Fresh Prima Gattie peaches No. 1 grade $1.48/lb ($3.26/kg, USA)

– Fresh hothouse red, yellow, or orange peppers No. 1 grade $1.97/lb ($4.34/kg, Canada)

– Fresh red or Russet potatoes No. 2 grade 20 lb bag $5.88 each (Canada)

– Fresh mini seedless watermelon $2.98 each (USA)

[Other food]

– Chicken broth 412 mL $0.78 each (Swanson)

– Chocolate bar Excellence 100 g 2 for $4.98 (Lindt)

– Chocolate bar Classic 100 g 3 for $4.98 (Lindt)

– Chocolate bar Lindor bag $4.98 each (Lindt)

– All purpose flour 10 kg $9.88 each (Robin hood)