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My booty last week (May 15-18, 2010)

Here is my booty last week.

– Chicken thigh Family pack
– Peaches & cream corn
– Coffee
at IGA

– Spot Prawn
at Spot Prawn Festival

Chicken thigh family pack 910g was $10.01
Regular $?/lb
–> Sale $4.99/lb ($11.00/kg)

Peaches & cream corn cob
Regular 5 for $4.95
–> Sale 5 for $2.00

Roast coffee 300g (Melitta)
Regular $6.29 each
–> Sale $4.79

And, here is some food that is a good price for the value.

Spot Prawn (local)

Spot Prawn Festival (6 to 8 weeks from May 8, 2010)

I found this article yesterday, which you can buy local spot prawns at $12 per pound for the public.

It sounds expensive? Maybe. But they’re local, live, and sweet. Don’t you think it’s worth to buy? (By the way, spot prawn were selling at about $14 per pound in the Granville island public market.)

This is seasonal delicacy!

Weekly special at T&T Supermarket (May 14-20, 2010)

Sale Date: May14, May15, May16, May17, May18, May19, May20

– Live spot prawns $7.99/lb — 4 days only (May14 to 17)

– Chive $1.09/lb — 4 days only (May14 to 17)

– Fuji apples $0.99/lb — 4 days only (May14 to 17)

– Japanese Nisshin frozen Udon 5pcs (200g x 5) $4.49/pk

– Orange juice 2.63L $5.49 each (Tropicana)

More specials… from web.

– Fresh Angus beef sirloin tip steaks $3.99/lb — 4 days only (May14 to 17)

– Frozen calamari 1kg $3.99/box (Qualy Pak)

– Frozen soy bean peeled/unpeeled 450g 2 for $3.49 (Grand Maple)

– Caramel pudding 110g 2 for $2.99 — 4 days only (May14 to 17)